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syn4D® is a registered trade mark since 2007 and stands for synthetic 4 dimensional creation, like digital color holography, holographic projection, laser lithography, space time illustration.

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Syn4D – E.Öhlmann
Bortfelder Stieg 4
33816 Braunschweig

Art and Design by:
Dietmar Öhlmann (MA(RCA)
Holograph, Artdirector
Redaktion: Odile Meulien

Award and Recongnition

Odile Meulien and Dietmar Öhlmann receiving the Innovation Awart from Walter Hirche, Wirtschaftsminister Niedersachsen, Projekt Region Braunschweig 2006





The thinking eye, from photography, holography, drawing and painting


Dietmar Öhlmann, Artist, Photograph and visual creator.

Deutsch: Künstler, Fotograf und Mediengestalter, Studium in Braunschweig, Chester, Liverpool und London, Master of Arts am Royal College of Art in London, Spezialgebiet  Holografie und Raum-Zeit-Illustrationen.

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Odile Meulien, Sociologe, Curator and Educator.




Odile, allways the future in focus