Syn4D  business activities  are Education, Presentation and Creation.

Die Geschäftsfelder von Syn4D sind Bildung, Präsentation und Kreation.

Les champs d’activités de Syn4D: Education, Présentation et Création.


Media Production – Video – Internet – Printing – Displays – Exhibition

…different techniques, in optoelectronics, programming, imagery can be applied and improved in a project. The 3D media techniques are able to give us access to new perception of the micro- and the macro-cosmos of the nature. It gives us the freedom to move from flat plane graphics into space, observing the whole process in time. For many of the 4D projects we produced, we documented and implemented to our customers, newly applied techniques before being able to work on the vocabulary of the content.

Content Creation
Some of our customer.


Our team adds a new level of competence to your project in creating 4Dimensional “digital content” and “corporate artworks”.
We broadly define „digital content“; such as 4D computer content, for say, 3D Video, film, live imaging, scientific illustration; to „corporate artworks” such as display for fair, decorative installation for office, educational showcase for museum, portraits and landscape for business presents.

Solution Services


We do provide development solution in scientific and educational illustration, by newly applying, mixing improving and implementing the wide spectrum of 3D media technologies, from S3D to digital holographic techniques to make possible a specific content.

We guaranty solution and creation cost effective, thanks to flexibility of our international co-creative networks build over more than 25 years experience in time space production.